What is a Meal Replacement Shake?

This is usually a low-calorie product that has been designed to facilitate weight loss by replacing meals. It can be used as a food substitute for one or two meals. A meal replacement shake contains ingredients that provide the consumer with the benefits of a well-balanced diet but at the same time helps to promote weight loss.

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes

It’s not easy to determine the best meal replacement shake especially when the weight loss market is heavily flooded. However, the top-rated weight loss products usually have low amounts of calories and high amounts of protein and fiber. Additionally, they also have various minerals and vitamins and other ingredients which help to add flavor and enhance weight loss. According to 310 nutrition reviews, it is among the popular shakes, along with GNC protein shakes.

Meal Replacement or Diet Shakes?

Meal Replacement or Diet Shakes

A lot of people usually don’t know the difference between meal Replacement and diet shakes. First, a diet shake usually has more than 200 calories, and it may have vitamins and minerals or not. Furthermore, its fiber amount is not usually enough to suppress the consumer’s appetite. A meal replacement shakes usually a variety of minerals and vitamins, lower amount of calories and it can effectively suppress hunger. Although 310 is considered sometimes as a diet shake, it has few calories and it contains fiber as well as minerals and vitamins.

310 and GNC Shakes: Advantage & Disadvantage of Meal Replacement Shakes

GNC and 310 are two popular weight loss products that have been designed to promote faster weight loss. But apart from offering the consumer various health benefits, their use can also lead to unwanted disadvantages.


Generally, meal replacement shakes are designed to promote weight loss. They help to reduce the daily calorie intake of the consumer, by reducing constant hunger and ensuring that the consumer is satiated for a very long period of time. 310 Shake for instance, has a great satisfaction level in that it can effectively inhibit hunger for a long period of time. Meanwhile, GNC protein shakes have a wide range of minerals and vitamins, which are great substitutes for a well-balanced diet.


However, 310 nutrition reviews indicate that this supplement isn’t completely beneficial. It has artificial additives and it can cause nausea or stomach cramps. GNC Lean Protein, on the other hand, has an unbearable, chalky taste that usually lingers in the mouth.

GNC Total Lean vs 310 shakes: The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss

GNC Total Lean vs 310 shakes

There are certain factors that should be considered when choosing the best meal replacement for weight loss.  First, it should have adequate amounts of fiber, for instance, 5-6grams for every serving. Secondly, it should have a wide range of minerals and vitamins and in addition to that, it should be free from artificial ingredients. Apart from a high protein amount, it should have a limited amount of sugar content. Between GNC total Lean vs 310 shakes, GNC is actually the likely preferred option because it meets the above-mentioned factors.

310 Shakes and GNC Total Lean: Meal Replacement Shakes Recipe

To reduce chances of boredom, a shake should have a variety of flavors. This creates multiple options for the consumer, as well as product versatility. When creating a meal replacement shake recipe, ensure that you use the ingredients in moderate amounts in order to reduce an increase in the number of calories. Some of the products that can be used to create a meal replacement shake for 310 diet shakes or GNC protein shakes recipes include:

  • A high protein shake that is made of a spoon of butter, a cup of milk, ice cubes and one banana.
  • A greens blend that is made with two cups of pineapple slices, two cups of chopped raw spinach, half cucumber and one cup of water.
  • A Berry Smoothie that is made by blending a handful of berries, half a cup of yogurt, half a cup of milk, and some ice cubes.

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Men

For men who want to manage their weight, the best meal replacement shake for them should have a moderate amount of calories. Although a low-calorie supplement is good, men usually need more calories. However, if they are obese, they should stick to meal replacements that help to limit calorie intake. A good meal replacement shake for men should have about 5-6 grams of protein for every pound. Between GNC lean shake vs 310 shakes, the latter is actually better for men as it contains a high protein content per serving and it lacks artificial additives or sweeteners.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Women

Women who want to successfully manage their weight should take meal replacement shakes that also have low calories. Just like men, 5 or 6 gram of protein for each pound is great enough to promote significant weight loss. 310 diet shakes have 15g of protein while GNC protein shakes have about 25g for each serving. This means that GNC Lean shakes are suitable shakes for muscle development while 310 is perfect for rapid weight loss.

Bottom line

Both 310 and GNC are great weight loss supplements. However, they have different levels of nutrition content which makes attract different types of consumers. While GNC protein shakes have good amounts of fiber and protein, they contain artificial flavors and sweeteners which aren’t good for weight loss… Additionally, it’s sold at a fair price but 310 shake features healthy and pure ingredients. It contains superfoods, high-quality protein, optimal amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins and it’s sugar-free. It’s the best cost-friendly shake that is suitable for all kinds of users.


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