Baseball is certainly one of the most popular sports in the USA. Its existence has seen the rise of great baseball stars from the likes of Beth Ruth to Alex Rodriguez. Recently, Aaron Judge, a new and talented player, has come out of the shadows and is redefining things in Baseball with his outstanding home runs. Whenever he shows up fans are looking forward to seeing how he will play. So far, he has garnered the support of so many sports fans who are all waiting for the American League in 2018.

Aaron Judge stands at six feet seven and weighs 285 pounds. Clearly, he has a body which is well suited for the reflexes and movements involved in sports. However, it is his skill that has enabled him to hit 52 home runs. No wonder he received the Rookie Award of the year in 2017. With the success he has had thus far in this sport, he is soon on his way to becoming the next Baseball legend in the Bronx.

He has also set the record for having the longest foot home run in the history of American Baseball at 485 feet. His swing, which has left many people dumbstruck, has always been a great thing to see. In addition to the first record, he clocked in an impressive blast moving at a speed of 119mph. There aren’t a lot of people who have even come close to such numbers.  

Aaron Judge is envied by many people who also play sports. Yankees’ left fielder Brett Gardener has confessed that he often fees jealous of Aaron Judge. Gardener has a smaller physique compared to Aaron Judge. He further admits that he would like to experience the feeling of being able to hit a ball in a manner that is similar to how Judge does it. 

This is just but an example of the praise Judge has received from not only baseball players but also people who love sports. Matt Holiday, previously a hitter for Yankees, has also spoken highly of Judge. He stated that despite having been teammates with renowned baseball players such as Albert Pujols, he has never seen such talent. He said that Aaron Judge is the most outstanding baseball player of this generation.  

Despite all the praise that is coming his way, 25-year-old Judge has remained humble. In fact, he said that he is still pushing himself so that he can perform better than what he has achieved already. He stated that the challenges that he has experienced thus far have kept him motivated to keep up. For instance, up to last year, he had not made it to where he wanted to be.  

It is common for people who are in sports to suffer from occasional injuries. Aaron suffered an injury which made him take time off for the months of July and August. The shoulder injury that he had was one that needed the intervention of surgery. Yet still, he did not shut himself from the world. He has continued to interact with people from the media and other locals. People have often spotted him and requested for his autograph. He gladly signs for them as he believes in showing appreciation to his fans. This points out how charismatic he is.  

Aaron Judge has explained that during his break, he was able to go through the things that happened last year. He intends to use that as a learning mechanism so that he can make better decisions this year. The Yankees team has paired Aaron Judge with Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton also has an impressive Baseball resume in sports. At six feet six and 265 pounds, Stanton won the National League’s title as the most valuable player of 2017.  

Baseball fans have been greatly pleased with this combination. This can be seen by their increased ticket sales. In addition, sports people are holding out hope on this combination to be able to help the Yankees to score 1,000 runs. This would be exciting as it would be the first time that it would have happened ever since 1936. People are eagerly hoping that this combination would be able to make it to the World Series. In true Aaron Judge fashion, he also stated that a win would be a collective effort that can be achieved through the great team that they have.